About the univocity license manager

The univocity license manager is a Shopify extension that enables your software to be licensed. It’s built to handle license purchases, renewals and discounts, license validation, copy protection and more.

Any sort of software can be licensed using our platform: this includes desktop applications, online services and mobile apps.

All you have to do is to create a store on Shopify from where your products or services will be sold.

You don’t have to actually use Shopify as your website - it allows you to create a “buy button” which you can integrate anywhere, or simply generate orders manually and send them to your customers for payment. If you don’t need to use their online shop, it can be disabled altogether.

Configure the licensing options you want

Display in a separate tab

Enable a license manager for customers who need floating licenses

Display in a separate tab

Monitor who is using your product

Display in a separate tab

Why Shopify?

The beauty of using Shopify to sell your licenses is that it handles payments using all sorts of providers, it’s secure, battle tested and charges low to no transaction fees. You can manage customers and license orders from it, create discount codes to promote your product, and much more. For a small fee you get all that without ever caring about maintaining an online store and license server yourself.

Our license app provides a very simple API which your product must use to register, validate and upgrade licenses for your customers.


The monthly fee of $19.90 allows the usage of 10 licenses at no additional cost (trials and 1 year or older licenses excluded)

The following prices apply during the first year after each license purchase. The more licenses you sell, the less you pay:

First year after purchase After one year Trial licenses
From 11 to 150 licenses: $0.29 per active license/month
From 151 to 500 licenses: $0.19 per active license/month
From 501+ licenses: $0.09 per active license/month
$0.05 per active license/month, until renewed. $0.01 per active trial/month

* Active license means any license that is purchased, renewed, trialled, assigned or validated between the first and the last day of each month.

Get started

Once you finish Creating an online store to sell your product, head on to Integrating the license manager with your product and start selling!

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