We are a team of data integration specialists and core Java developers with years of experience building custom solutions to move data between systems. These sorts of problems are both our work and passion, but this is not for everyone. Have you ever tried to extract information from some form of data (files, client databases, external services) and transfer it into your system?

This is usualy not only just about fitting a square peg in a round hole. Months of frustrating work are usually spent trying to convert data so it “fits”. You may purchase an ETL tool in the hope it will help but there are so many corner cases most simply can't do what you need.

That's why we created our data integration framework for Java: uniVocity. It has always been too complicated, expensive, stressful and frustrating to implement or adapt data migration/synchronization solutions in a cost effective and maintenable fashion. Not anymore!

Our mission is to completely eliminate all the complication and frustration by offering an innovative approach for data integration and synchronization. We want to help you and your team to develop the best possible solution: one that is quick and easy to build, easier to maintain, and that performs better than anything you could try to build on your own. We carefuly designed our products, uniVocity and uniVocity-parsers, to be developer-friendly, flexible, feature complete, and able to deliver the best possible performance.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to help you transform the way you handle and manage information. You can count on us to assist you in building the absolutely best solution for your needs and the needs of your customers!

Jeronimo Backes

Founder and Director of
uniVocity Software Pty Ltd