Get ready to experience unmatched flexibility and power.
Here is a quick overview of what uniVocity can do for you.

Easily import data into your application

With uniVocity, the information you need can be extracted, transformed, migrated and synchronized easily. It doesn't matter how it is stored!

The functionality you used to implement after months of hard work can be implemented with uniVocity in a few days!

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Requirement and data changes are now irrelevant

How much time do you need to adjust your current data integration solution in face of new requirements?

New fields, new relationships, new data formats, mistakes. It all requires change. How much time, money and effort are you willing to spend?

With uniVocity, you can adapt your software to such changes in a matter of hours, even minutes.

Use data from anywhere

Anything that produces and/or consumes information can be a data store for uniVocity: any database, file, external service, application or object of your JVM-based application.

You are free to define what a data entity is. There is no limitation or imposition.

Our documentation provides fully working examples, videos and tutorials for your team to learn all about the powerful features available.


What makes uniVocity different?

uniVocity abstracts away many of the complexities involved in data mapping and synchronization processes.

Simply define mappings from source to destination, and uniVocity will manage all data operations automatically.

Only uniVocity supports schema migration with referential integrity. Data updates can be detected and applied automatically. Migrated data can be updated easily using various data management strategies implemented by uniVocity.

The flexibility provided by the uniVocity API is unmatched. Unlike traditional ETL tools, you have control over every step of the process and are not dependent on pre-made connectors or data transformation functions

With uniVocity you can accomplish much more in much less time.

Why change?

  • Is your current data integration solution lacking simplicty, flexibility or performance?
  • Are you having a hard time managing and synchronizing data updates across different systems?
  • Has it become complicated, expensive, stressful or frustrating to maintain your existing solution?
  • Are you allocating the best developers in your team to maintain your ETL processes (because it is not for everyone) while the less experienced members work on the rest? Is the perceived quality of your software being impacted by this?
  • Are you spending too much money, time or resources on your current approach?
  • Would you like to get more value for your money and time?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's time to consider using uniVocity.
You can integrate with the implementation you already have to complement it.

Learn more about the unique features uniVocity provides and how it helps you get the job done much more efficiently.