uniVocity-parsers is the first text parsing solution for java that provides a common architecture for parsing tabular representations of data

Consistent API

All parsers share a common API. Don't waste time learning a new API for each different text format.


Our parsers are micro optimized to be the fastest among any alternatives.


We work very hard to ensure our parsers provide all features and flexibility you look for when processing data.


uniVocity-parsers is licensed under the Apache license 2.0. Check it out on github


uniVocity-parsers was born during the development of uniVocity. We needed different parsers to process various input formats, but it soon became apparent that most of these were not flexibile, fast or reliable enough for our purposes.

Each format required a unique parsing library, with their own APIs and we were spending quite some time learning each one. Not to mention known bugs which were never resolved. That's when we decided to build our own architecture for parsing text files and provide commercial support.


We documented every single class to make it easier for you to contribute to this project. We offer guidance for contributors and appreciate all efforts to make uniVocity-parsers even better.

What makes uniVocity-parsers different?

Our parsers are built from the ground up to give you:

  • An architecture from where you can build powerful and feature complete parsers with minimum effort
  • Consistency: all parsers share a common API
  • Flexibility to allow easy customisation and reuse
  • Speed and memory efficiency.
  • Extensive documentation, examples and quality source code.

Commercial support is also available to ensure you won't get stuck down the road.
We are here to help you build the best possible solution for your requirements.