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Consistent API

All parsers share a common API. Don't waste time learning a new API for each different text format.


Our parsers are micro optimized to be the fastest among any alternatives.


We work very hard to ensure our parsers provide all features and flexibility you look for when processing data.


univocity-parsers is licensed under the Apache license 2.0. Check it out on github


Map records to simple Strings:

    String[] row;
    while ((row = parser.parseNext()) != null) {


Or convert them to Objects:

            .set("dateOfBirth", "dateJoined");


Or even fields i n JavaBeans, using annotations:

    @BooleanString(falseStrings = { "no", "n", "null" }, trueStrings = { "yes", "y" })
    private Boolean pending;


You can easily define custom processors to execute all sorts of operations over the records, and even write your own parser for your specific format.

Field selection

Don't waste resources and processing power parsing unwanted values. You can select specific fields on an input text and get only values from these, in the order you specify.

For example, using the following CSV:

    1997,Ford,E350,"ac, abs, moon",3000.00
    1999,Chevy,"Venture ""Extended Edition""","",4900.00


You can select some fields:

    parserSettings.selectFields("Price", "Year", "Make");


To produce:

    3000.00, 1997, Ford
    4900.00, 1999, Chevy


When writing, simply define what values you have for each record, in whatever order you need, and univocity-parsers will write all records in the correct format.

    writer.writeRow(3000.00, 1997, "Ford");
    writer.writeRow(4900.00, 1999, "Chevy");


The result will be:



Parellel input buffering

Parsers written on top of univocity-parsers architecture will buffer input files' content using a separate thread to optimize the processing of large inputs even further.

Let's build the best suite of parsers together! Contributions are welcome.

Check our tutorials, documentation and source code.