uniVocity 1.0.6 is out - recommended update

We've just released the 1.0.6 maintenance release of uniVocity which fixes a few bugs and provides better information in case of exceptions. This is the changelong:

  • Performance improvements
  • Providing better error information when text-based data entities (CSV, TSV and Fixed-Width) can't be parsed, with suggested causes of errors
  • Logging all exceptions by default
  • Resolved issue with incorrect metadata being inserted when mappings' persistence is configured with updateNewRows
  • Removed "unexpected engine state" exception when the data integration engine can't be started due to erros in configuration.
  • Ensuring RowReader.cleanup method is invoked by uniVocity with a valid RowMappingContext object when no rows are processed
  • Resolved issue with ResultSets from queries used as source entities being closed unexpectedly

The public API remains unchanged on version 1.0.5.

Please upgrade to version 1.0.6 here.



November 14, 2014 by Jeronimo Backes
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