uniVocity-parsers 1.2.0 is here!

We just released another minor version of our text parsing suite, uniVocity-parsers, with the following improvements:

  • Improved parsing performance slightly
  • Parsing exceptions provide detailed error messages with possible root causes.
  • Supporting inputs with null characters in their values (the infamous '\0')
  • Parsers won't need to check for '\0' to test whether there's no more input to read. This includes any parser you may have written on top of our architecture.
  • Changing character and record counters to use long instead of int, as huge inputs will exceed Integer.MAX_VALUE.

EDIT: we released a maintenance version 1.2.1 after getting a few pull requests with very interesting contributions. Thanks to adessaigne.

  • Adding OSGi bundle information in MANIFEST.MF
  • When parsing using parseNext(), the RowProcessor is called as well

We haven't introduced exciting new features to most users, but we recommend you to upgrade to this version due to the improved stability, error reporting and better performance. If you haven't tried uniVocity-parsers yet, check out its unique features and switch to our parsers to parse CSV, TSV or Fixed-Width files.

Download version 1.2.0 here.

If you are a new user, don't forget to check our tutorial.

Check this and other projects on our github page.

November 12, 2014 by Jeronimo Backes
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