uniVocity 1.0.1 released! Now free and even faster.

We just released our first maintenance version of uniVocity and it brings a lot of performance improvements, and an important change on our licensing:

uniVocity is now free for non-commercial use!

All versions from 1.0.1 can be simply downloaded and executed straight away. For commercial users, we made the license request process easier: we've developed a graphical wizard to collect all the information required.  

In this release package, we also included an little demonstration application, which shows what you can achieve with uniVocity, and how fast it can be to load, transform, migrate, update and synchronize half a million records in a few seconds.

We will soon update our website with videos and articles using this demonstration app, and will explain the relevant source code to you.

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September 24, 2014 by Jeronimo Backes
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