Data Integration

Our jars provide everything you need to manipulate data in your server back-end.

Our libraries bring performance, ease of use and flexibility to help you implement all sorts of data integration tasks.

We offer a growing suite of libraries for database migration, ETL & data integration, HTML scraping, software licensing and more.

Just import our libraries into your project and get started. We provide abundant documentation and tutorials with working code to help your team get started quickly.

We do it for you

Count on us to get your data pipeline working as soon as possible.

We have years of experience working with enterprise customers around the globe and can solve all sorts of tricky data migration problems.

Implement anything from basic reporting to full blown data migrations with distributed, real-time data synchronization.

We use our own products to deliver your back-end solution ready for QA extremely fast.


All our commercial libraries come with 1 year upgrade support.

We have a zero bug policy and deal with errors very seriously. Whenever possible bugs are fixed in less than 24 hours and SNAPSHOT builds are released immediately after.

Feel free to request new features. The next version will probably include your suggested enhancements.

Count on us to answer any question you have. We strive to reply to any queries related to our products in less than 24 hours.