We solve your data problems

Using our frameworks and tools, our team is able to build customized data integration solutions for your needs faster and more reliably than anyone else, and at a fraction of the cost!

Our expert team can build solutions to assist your company to migrate and synchronize information from any source of data. Typical use cases include:

  • database conversion and migration
  • enable software and services to access data provided by clients or third-parties
  • migrate data from legacy systems
  • integrate and synchronize data produced by multiple departments of your company
  • merge information from systems of acquired companies
  • synchronize and share information among multiple systems, services and datasets
  • develop API's and tools to enable message exchanging with governmental and corporate data services

Why uniVocity?

All solutions we build are created around the uniVocity data integration framework. Using this very powerful tool, we can create extremely complex data operations and processes in a short period of time, with absolute reliability, quality and speed.

Simply upgrade to future releases of the uniVocity framework to get the latest features, bug fixes and improvements in the solution we create for you today.

We offer support around the clock and are always available to speak to you about your needs.

You can even maintain the solutions we create for you by yourself! The uniVocity documentation was carefully written to help tech-savvy users and developers to understand, modify and even create custom data integration processes.

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Our frameworks


Transforming data is trivial with our data integration framework

uniVocity combines the power of traditional ETL tools with the flexibility of hand-coded solutions.

We provide an open-source API, extensive documentation, examples, and support from a specialized team.

With uniVocity you can:

  • Develop processes to extract, transform and load data in a matter of hours.
  • Detect and handle data updates automatically.
  • Transfer data much faster than any other commercial ETL tool.
  • Easily monitor, debug and unit-test your data flow.
  • Use any resources from your existing application stack.
  • Focus your development efforts on building quality instead of solving complex data issues.
  • Adapt to requirement changes within minutes.

Stop wasting time writing complex and messy code to transform data into the format you need.

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A suite of text parsers for Java that provides the fastest, most reliable, and feature-complete text parsing framework you can find.

  • The best architecture for parsing CSV, TSV, fixed-width and other tabular text formats.
  • Our implementations are the fastest in existence by a long margin.See the comparison on Github
  • uniVocity-parsers is licensed under the Apache license 2.0.
  • Commercial support is available for your peace of mind.

Improve the performance of your existing applications by switching to our parsers!

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